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The Stiftungsfonds Zivile Seenotrettung (Search and Rescue Foundation) stands for a Europe based on solidarity, safe harbours and safe passage, taking a clear stance against the criminalisation of flight and migration.

Resistance needs alliance: We stand in solidarity with people on the move!

The Stiftungsfonds Zivile Seenotrettung was founded in September 2019 when a call for donations by Jan Böhmermann and Klaas Heufer-Umlauf raised over one million euros, following the rescue operation involving Carola Rackete and the Sea-Watch 3.

The Stiftungfonds Zivile Seenotrettung defines itself as a feminist initiative. The fund places particular emphasis on anti-racist and inclusive projects that support people on the move as well as local structures and take an intersectional approach. The members of the fund are always encouraged to reflect on existing social power structures as well as privileges and to work continuously to critically question and overcome them in the best possible way.

The donations are administered and allocated towards organizations and projects dealing with (forced) migration to Europe, focusing on the Mediterranean region. Decisions on the allocation of the funds are made by consensus, if not possible by simple majority.

The fund is administered by the GLS Treuhand. The foundation board is composed of representatives from four organisations:

Call for applications to join the Board of Trustees:

Call for applications

We would like to thank our supporters and all private donors

  • iuventa10
  • LeaveNoOneBehind
  • Sea-Watch e.V.
  • United we Stream
Portrait photo of Mattea Weihe

Civilfleet-Support e.V.

Mattea Weihe has been active as a cultural mediator in the Mediterranean and the Greek Aegean. On land, she works as a public and press relations officer. Her thematic focus lies on civilian sea rescue in the Mediterranean, research on local and European migration policy, and public relations. In the Foundation Board, Mattea represents the organization civilfleet-support e.V.

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Portrait photo of Sophie Scheytt

Sea-Watch e.V.

Sophie Scheytt is a lawyer working at the intersection of political work and law. Her thematic focus is on advocacy work, strategic litigation and legal counseling. On the Foundation Board, Sophie represents the organization Sea-Watch.

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Portrait photo of Eva Welling


Eva Welling studied Psychology and Peace and Conflict Studies. She works in the field of political education concerning the political participation of newcomers in Germany. Her thematic focus is on Critical Whiteness and Anti-Racism, social movements and political participation. In the foundation board, Eva represents the civil society movement Seebrücke.

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Portrait photo of Lea Reisner

Solidarity at Sea

Lea Reisner is an operational coordinator and nurse on board of civilian sea rescue ships. Her thematic focus lies on medical projects, the criminalization of (forced) migration and its assistance, as well as networking between people on the move and their supporters. On the Foundation Board, she represents the collective Solidarity at Sea/iuventa10.

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Project Management

Giulia Messmer has been working for the Stiftungsfonds since March 2020. She is in charge of:

  • Supervision and coordination of grant applications
  • Organisation of board-meetings
  • Public communications


Giulia Messmer studies her Master's degree in Peace and Conflict Studies in Uppsala, Sweden, and has been project manager of the foundation since the beginning of 2020. Next to her work on (forced) migration to the European Union, her thematic focus lies on structural violence against women and LGBTQI+ persons.